Making Sense Of The Mess

Changing Messy Thinking

5 Ways to Navigate Through Grief

As I walked into the room, grief silently waged within. I heard the rhythmic sound of the respirator. A familiar beat, my eyes  responded immediately. I missed the IV pole with its bags of medicine, and the monitor that tracked his vital signs. Instead, his swollen arm and hand became my surreal fixation. Time stood […]

Self-Care: The Price is Right

It started off as a casual conversation over a morning’s cup of coffee. We covered a wide range of topics as we eagerly shared our stories. Suddenly, I postured myself and intently listened to her next words. She spoke about her personal space, a place she retreated to everyday. With great conviction, she described why […]

How to Apply Self-Compassion

The room is carefully staged. Participants arrive and select their seats. The host checks her watch and begins. Focused eyes and ears remain as she demonstrates her craft and gives instructions. It’s time to begin. The confident eagerly jump in while the timid hold back. Convinced they can do it, they finally join in. A […]

3 Ways Curiosity Increases Self-Awareness

Saturday marked the 5-year anniversary of NASA’s rover landing on Mars. Curiosity, as its called, continues exploring the planet’s surface, puttering along at .9 mph. Eager scientists analyze its findings, anxious to discover answers about life and the universe. Humans begin life in much the same way. We make our birth landing and immediately begin […]

How to Turn the Trigger on Triggers

Have you ever felt your heart start racing at the sight of someone or something? Or trembled in sorrow at the sound of a song streaming overhead while you shopped? Have you tensed up when a friend innocently squeezes your shoulder?  These are known as triggers. What are they and what causes them?  And, how […]

How Reconnecting Keeps Hope Alive

You are feeling hopeless, battling depression. Following the doctors orders, you take your meds, watch your diet, and get more sun and exercise. Yet, you still feel stuck. You search for a way to reconnect with the world. An idea flashes!  Filled with hope, you give it a try. You start out strong only to falter. […]