Making Sense Of The Mess

Changing Messy Thinking

About Page

Hi,  I’m Pam Parker.

I’m a Change Agent.

The world is constantly changing.  Nothing stays the same. Neither do we. During the past twenty years I’ve faced the most difficult traumas of my life.  Maybe you have experienced some of these as well:  divorce, a child who overdosed after battling addiction, depression, the sudden death of your partner.  These are game changers that can significantly alter the way we think and what we do with our lives.

Circumstantial events forced me to make personal changes. Those made over the past few years have brought major healing and restored my sense of purpose. Through counseling and participation in an Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) program, I shifted my self view from one of helpless victim to Change Agent.

How did I do it?  Through hope.

What is Hope?

My participation in CAPP taught me a lot about hope. I learned: “Hope is the motivating force for change”.  It’s believing that change is possible, no matter how hopeless you feel. It’s understanding there is no ground zero.  It’s using a mere ember of hope to take one baby step forward at a time. It’s setting goals to successfully achieve the desired change.

Hope has navigated me through the highs and lows of life. It has guided me down paths of self-awareness, self-compassion and self-care. It has pushed me to exercise muscles of resilience and enabled me to bounce back better.  And, in the process, it has inspired others.

My Purpose in Writing

I believe all people are resilient and can bounce back better after facing adversity or trauma. Research supports this. Some of us experience Post-Traumatic Growth, as we rise to a higher level of functioning in our thoughts and our actions. The positive changes we experience in the trenches never leave us. We find new meaning and purpose for our lives. 

“Sometimes in the winds of change we find our true direction” – unknown

As I healed, I became more sensitive to those suffering around me. A new hope arose as I redefined my purpose in life: To use my resilient and compassionate spirit to inspire and encourage others as they face the changing seasons of their lives.”

I believe my blog will be an avenue to fulfill my purpose.

What should you expect?

My goal is to “Tell My Story”.  To share the tools I’ve learned to keep hope alive.  To be vulnerable as I share my battles with depression, addiction and loss. To show how messy thinking tends to be our biggest battleground. To offer ways to offensively confront your own battles.

I am committed to learn, grow and thrive.  Life still gets messy, but I’m better equipped to make sense of it all by changing my thoughts and actions.

Stories, tools and hope are what you can expect. Won’t you join me?